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Horses unstable
Wine’s bled.

When I starved my love from underneath the table,
“Ha Ha” you said.



Over a period of time,
You have developed a style

I can fathom.
I can fathom.



I was born a loner.
Lived aloner.

You lived in between?
Lucky. You!


A Title Lost

Too much of a grace.
Lords, many.

A boy comes from the forefathers.
What you make
Is for your wife, right.

Rightly so.

See that is the pseudo life
For what kingdoms lost
Honour and judiciary.

And again

For those who loved and yet love.
Passion is for next life.

This life, impossible.

But they said, arduous.
Not much infact.

A prince, doesnt.


A Parody of Smokes

A cigarette lit is long when you want it.

A job, when you like it.

So is Life.



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